What Do People in Spain Wear?

People in Spain dress similarly to the people in any other industrialized European country, but just a little more formal. Due to globalization, Spain has many of the same popular apparel stores as the United States and Britain. Spanish women tend to dress more femininely than women from other Western countries, and it is important to most Spanish people to be well dressed.

Shorts, a T-shirt and sandals are acceptable attire in the coastal areas that see a lot of tourism. However, if an outsider wanted to fit in well, they would wear slacks and a nice, button-down shirt at restaurants, stores and on the street in Spain. Many tourist attractions are in churches in Spain, and it is important to dress in a respectful manner while visiting these churches. Similar to other Western countries, attire at the beach is casual. However, according to Trip Advisor, tank tops on men are a sign of low class in Spain, so it is best for a male visitor to wear a T-shirt unless swimming. Additionally, although the law permits women to go topless at any beach, it is important for visitors to observe the environment first. Some areas are more conservative than others, and it is looked down upon for women to remove their tops there.