Where Do People Live in Italy?


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The most densely populated parts of Italy include the Po Valley, Rome and Naples, where more than half of Italy's people reside. The population of Italy is nearly 61 million people as of 2014, which makes the country Europe's fifth most populous political division and the 23rd most populous country on Earth. The population density is 520 people per square mile.

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Where Do People Live in Italy?
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Italy's largest cities in descending order are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Palermo. The CIA Factbook states that Rome has 3.357 million inhabitants, Milan has 2.962 million people, Naples has 2.27 million residents, Turin has a population of 1.662 million and Palermo contains 872,000 people. These five cities alone account for more than 14 percent of Italy's entire population.

Contrary to large urban areas, the Alps and Apennines highlands, Sardinia and the Basilicata plateaus are sparsely populated. Italy's population density is very uneven between the country's interior and coastal areas, as population centers are concentrated in just a few areas.

As many as 68 percent of Italians lived in urban areas as of 2010. The urbanization rate is 0.5 percent per year. The annual population growth rate overall is 0.3 percent, due in part to a low birth rate and a relatively higher death rate per capita than much of the world.

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