How Do People Live in the Amazon Rainforest?

The people living in isolated regions of the Amazon rainforest survive by relying on natural resources and using methods handed down by ancestors. Villagers living near the Amazon River fish and farm for sustenance, while those living deep within the forest hunt local game, use traditional farming techniques, and forage for edible plants to provide food and other supplies necessary for the survival of the community.

A combination of natural resources, farming and foraging provides both food and needed supplies for shelter. Some people have embraced modern clothing and other tools, but isolated tribes rely solely on the tools and resources that can be found in the rainforest. Isolated tribes use plant and animal-based materials to make medicine, clothing, shelters and to provide food for the tribe.

Subsistence farming has become a way of life for people living in rural but not isolated regions of the Amazon. According to the World Wildlife Federation, subsistence farming is both affected by and affects the environment in many ways. Typically, farming communities have access to at least a limited amount of modern resources and rely on traditional farming implements such as hand tools

According to US Today, the cities of the Amazon offer a unique combination of modern and traditional lifestyles. While those living traditional lifestyles deep within the rainforest do not utilize modern technology or resources, those living inside cities such as Rio de Janeiro live a lifestyle that it similar to those in other cities across the world. Most of the people living in the Amazon live in areas that have been modernized to some extent.