What Do People Eat in New York?

people-eat-new-york Credit: Susan Sermoneta/CC-BY 2.0

New York cuisine is characterized by a wide variety of ethnic cuisines brought to the United States by different ethnic groups entering the country through New York. Popular foods that have originated in New York City include hot dogs, doughnuts, eggs Benedict, Italian ice and New York-style pizza.

Although New York residents enjoy a wide variety of ethnic cuisines, such as Japanese, Thai, Jamaican, Italian and Indian, one of New York's largest influences is Jewish and Eastern European cuisine. This is due to the large population of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to New York and began selling their ethnic foods in delicatessens, often abbreviated as "delis." One of the most well-known contributions of this community is the bagel, which was perfected in New York City and is now popular worldwide. Other famous foods from this community include corned beef, cream cheese and New York-style pastrami.

Pizza, another favorite of New York residents, was introduced by Italian immigrants in the 1900s. Over the years, New Yorkers began fashioning their own signature style of pizza. Unlike Chicago-style pizza, which features a deep, doughy crust and plentiful toppings, New York-style pizza features a thin, crispy crust and an even layer of sauce. Slices are typically cut into a triangular shape.