What Do People in Denmark Wear?

The Danish Institute for Study Abroad states that Danes typically wear practical outfits, but being fashionable is still important for them. They are well dressed, and they wear fitted clothes. Danes rarely wear bright colors, and they often wear rain coats and rubber boots in fall.

Terri Mapes explains on About.com that there is no particular dress code in Denmark. However, Danes have a very classic fashion sense that is generally characterized by grace and elegance. The most common fashion apparel choices are casual dresses and jeans. In summer, it is common to see Danes wearing lightweight knit vests paired with jeans and comfortable shoes. T-shirts and light pants are also common. Skirts with nylon stockings are considered trendy for women. Danish weather tends to be unpredictable, which is why people like to bring a coat or jacket even in summer.

In winter months, when the weather tends to be rainy or snowy, Mapes says that people wear layers of clothes. Wool and cotton vests and tops with long sleeves are popular choices for the winter season. Danes also wear heavy coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

According to eDiplomat, clean and neat jeans are acceptable for casual wear. For the business community, black-tie events are typical. Danes avoid dressing sloppily, especially for formal events.