Are Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll Rates Reasonable?


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As of 2015, Pennsylvania Turnpike toll rates have increased in the recent past and are expected to continue to rise annually in the future. However, per-mile rates remain lower than those of several eastern states, but they are slightly higher than others in midwestern and southern states.

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Traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike costs 9 to 13 cents per mile in 2015, in part depending on whether drivers use cash or E-Z Pass. Comparably, New York Thruway drivers spend 45 to 47 cents per mile, while Massachusetts Turnpike rates range from 5 to 8 cents per mile. Ohio Turnpike toll rates are typically slightly lower but comparable to those in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania drivers should be prepared to face continuing rate increases. State legislators project the Turnpike Commission may need annual rate hikes of 3 to 6 percent through 2044 in order to cover debt service obligations. These projections are variable, however, depending on such things as a changing economy and potentially lower gas prices.

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