What Do Passengers Do While Traveling on a Freight Ship?


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Some of the things passengers do while traveling on a freight ship are reading and relaxing on deck, spending time on the bridge, watching movies, listening to music, painting, sewing and eating and talking with the ship's officers. Some freight ships also have swimming pools and even saunas below the main deck, which may be only half-filled on smaller vessels. Passengers aboard freight ships are generally expected to make their own entertainment during the voyage to their destination, since freight ships are not intended as cruise vacations.

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Passengers on freight ships can also meet and talk to other passengers, if there are any on board. Generally, freighters have a maximum passenger capacity of 12 and often carry no more than five at a time due to limited demand. However, past passengers have reported forming good friendships on board and sharing picnics on the deck.

In addition to supplying meals, freight ships also carry alcoholic beverages for passengers to prepare for themselves. These are available tax free but the choice is typically limited.

Although freight ships are not designed with non-employee passengers in mind, accommodations are often comfortable and spacious. They often contain a TV and DVD player, a stereo and a ship telephone. In many cases, they also have showers.

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