What Are the Parking Options at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport?

What Are the Parking Options at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport?

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport offers five parking areas, including one parking garage and four surface lots. The parking garage is closest in proximity to the airport terminal. The surface lots vary in price and distance from the airport.

The CLE Smart Parking Garage features multiple levels with both short-term and long-term parking. The parking garage connects to the terminal via a skywalk. The garage features lighting and signage to direct drivers to open parking spaces. Payment options include credit card, cash and personal check.

The Red Lot is the surface lot closest to the airport. It lies just north of the terminal and is next to the CLE Smart Parking Garage. The only payment type accepted at the Red Lot is a credit card.

The Blue Lot is located just north of the Red Lot, making it slightly further away from the terminal. It costs slightly less than the Red Lot. This parking option also only accepts credit card payments.

The Orange Lot is just north of the CLE Smart Parking Garage. A skywalk connects the lot to the parking garage for easy access to the airport terminal. Like the Red and Blue Lots, a credit card is the required payment method in the Orange Lot.

The Brown Lot is the cheapest parking option. It is north of the I-480 underpass. A shuttle service runs between the lot and the terminal every 10 minutes. Payment options for the Brown Lot include cash or credit card.