What Is Paraguay's National Bird?

Paraguay's national bird is the Bare-throated Bellbird (Procnias nudicollis), also called the Bare-necked Bellbird. This bird is a member of the Cotingidae family, and it is found in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

The Bare-throated Bellbird is a threatened, categorized vulnerable species due to habitat loss and poaching for cage birds. Bird collectors are drawn to this species because of the adult male's distinctive coloration, including a shiny white base with turquoise blue throat.

The Bare-throated Bellbird's natural habitats are subtropical/tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical/tropical moist montane forests. These birds are also notable for having one of the loudest calls of any known bird species. The male bird's distinctive mating call sounds like a hammer striking an anvil; it is so loud it can be heard up to a mile away. This sound can even cause human hearing loss at close range.