What Makes Panama a Good Retirement Destination?

What Makes Panama a Good Retirement Destination?

Panama offers comfortable living in beautiful surroundings at budget prices, states Business Panama. Panama offers a variety of lifestyles and climate options, ranging from cosmopolitan city living to beachfront homes and mountain hideaways.

In Panama, services such as hair care and taxi rides are considerable less expensive than in the United States. Real estate is also less expensive, whether in the capital, by the beach or in the mountains. Health care costs are lower, and many urban facilities have affiliations with U.S. hospitals and U.S.-trained doctors. Another convenience is that Panama has the U.S. dollar as its currency.

The Panama Pensionado program for retirees offers many benefits, including significant discounts on movies, restaurants, hotels and medications. Discounts on bus, boat, train and air fares are also available.

There are variety of entertainment options to enjoy in Panama including live jazz clubs, art openings and English-language theater productions. For those who enjoy a more active lifestyle, Panama offers beautiful rain forest adventures, river rafting, kayaking, fishing and diving.

Panama has a low crime rate and is the safest country in the region. It is also free of natural disasters that other countries in the region suffer from, such as hurricanes and earthquakes.