Where Is Panama?

panama Credit: Daniel Zedda/CC-BY 2.0

Panama is located in Central America between Colombia and Costa Rica. It is bordered on the north by the Caribbean Sea and on the south by the North Pacific Ocean, and forms a land bridge between North America and South America.

Panama is filled with mountainous terrain with its highest elevation point at Cerro Volcan at 11,468 feet. The climate is tropical with a prolonged rainy season and short dry season. The country seceded from Colombia in 1903 to become a sovereign state. Panama's biggest industries are construction, brewing and sugar milling. Natural resources include copper, shrimp, mahogany forests and hydropower. The currency used is the balboa, along with the U.S. dollar. Spanish is the official language, but many Panamanians are bilingual; some Panamanians speak English as their native tongue.