What Is Pakistan Famous For?

pakistan-famous Credit: Thinking Nomads/Moment/Getty Images

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an Asian nation with a population of more than 180 million people. It is famous for a number of reasons, including its beautiful landscape, several architectural wonders with deep rooted history and a number of other natural wonders. The country also has a unique point of access to Europe and Asia, which has made it a significant country throughout the course of history.

Pakistan is a deeply religious nation in South Asia with four provinces and four federal territories. It has faced some political instability and regular conflict with neighboring India over the years. However, Pakistan is also famous for the gorgeous landscape and scenery that covers the country. It is bordered by the Arabian Sea coast and the Himalayas mountains, as well as the Indus River. The country contains enormous mountain ranges, deserts and verdant lands.

Pakistan is also famous for its exotic, rich, spicy and diversified cuisine. The food is aromatic and often uses different types of rice and grilled meats. Kebabs are a popular choice of cuisine in Pakistan and neighboring countries. Pakistan has also become known for political instability and danger during election seasons for some of the visiting tourists.