What Are Some Packing Tips for a Family Vacation?

What Are Some Packing Tips for a Family Vacation?

Using separate backpacks for everyone, packing light and choosing the suitable clothes for the destination are some top packing tips for a family vacation. Some travelers also highly recommend packing extra snacks and a mini first-aid kit.

Using a separate bag for each person helps avoid having one or two extra large, over-sized suitcases. Those suitcases are difficult to carry, and you may have to pay an additional fee for them at airports. You can also use the smaller size bags as day bags for few necessary items for one day out. The rest of the luggage can stay in the hotel room or a locked car.

Place a copy of the complete itinerary, including the home address, all flight information, hotel addresses and a working phone number in each bag in case a bag gets lost in transit. It also means that everyone has a copy of all important information in case of emergency.

Packing light makes it more enjoyable when the family moves around. It is also easier to unpack and repack at each stop if the family stops more than one during the vacation. The key to packing light is to use travel size products or sample products from department stores and drugstore. Use small containers and Ziploc bags to divide big quantities into smaller portions enough for using and light to carry.

Check the weather forecast for the destinations during the vacation time, and pack clothes accordingly. Waterproof coats and easy-to-dry clothes are always good to bring. If the vacation is over a few weeks, easy-to-dry clothes are also good for turnover, which means fewer clothes.

Power snacks, such as chocolate, are useful for when your kids get hungry after a whole day out. A mini first-aid kit is good to have on adventurous vacations.