How Do You Pack for an International Trip?

To pack for an international trip, prepare a checklist that includes items to leave at home, travel documents and belongings, and make sure to get ready one week in advance. Some important items to pack include passports and necessary visas, records of immunizations and driver's licenses.

Other necessary items to pack for an international trip include airline tickets, traveler's checks, international credit cards and important telephone numbers. When packing clothing, make sure that it is comfortable to wear in the destination country and is preferably wrinkle-resistant. Choose clothing that can be worn at both casual and formal occasions, such as neutral-colored clothing, and have a change of clothing in your carry-on bag as well.

To make packing easier, lay out your items before your trip, and adjust the items based on the changing weather forecast in the destination country. Pack bulky clothing items such as coats and pants in your carry-on, and smaller items such as swimsuits and shorts in checked bags. Also, invest in travel clothing that has many pockets in order to save space in your carry-on bag. To save more space, invest in compassion bags or roll your clothes. Alternatively, minimize the number of things to take with you by fitting all of your belongings in a backpack.