How Do You Pack for a Caravan Tour?


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To pack for a Caravan tour, begin by making a list of all the things you expect to take on a tour and then cut that list in half, advises Caravan Tours. Bring the minimum amount of luggage necessary so that it is lightweight to transport with room leftover for carrying items purchased abroad.

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How Do You Pack for a Caravan Tour?
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Roll items as tight and smooth as possible to allow more room in the suitcase. Things such as nylons, socks and underwear can be stuffed into shoes and the shoulders of jackets. To avoid spillage, store liquids, creams and cosmetics in plastic or rubber-lined cases. For optimum carrying comfort, place an equal number of shoes on the left and right side of the suitcase. Always lay the heaviest items on the bottom.

For safety reasons, never pack your passport in the suitcase. Other items that should be carried in a purse, fanny pack or other place near you include a copy of the itinerary with a list of hotels, credit cards, an extra key to the suitcase, a list of medicine dosages and a doctor's letter if there is are any special health concerns.

Pack at least one lightweight jacket or sweater, even if traveling to a warm destination, for night-time drops in temperature and travel in air-conditioned motor coaches. Check with the tour director about whether any localities have dress codes.

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