How Do You Pack for a 7-Day Warm Weather Cruise?


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Using a packing list containing items such as a swimsuit, sunscreen and a hat is helpful for packing for a seven-day warm weather cruise. Additional items to pack from a packing list for a cruise include walking shoes, a wallet and binoculars.

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It's practical to take a carry-on bag onto a cruise to ensure a person has access to essential items in the event his other bags get lost or are delayed in arriving for the cruise. Additionally, when taking a cruise with a partner, it's good for a person to put some of his clothing items into his travel partner's suitcase. This way, if his bag is lost he still has something to wear.

People usually pack sunscreen and a swimsuit cover-up or sarong for a seven-day warm weather cruise. Rubber-soled shoes for walking on the beach or reef are also ideal. Formal dresses for women and dress clothing for men are beneficial to pack for wearing in the evenings while on a cruise. Packing casual clothing for daytime wear is equally important.

Athletic wear is appropriate for both men and women to pack for a seven-day warm weather cruise. It’s also good to pack an extra watch to use while on a cruise. Obviously, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner are essential items. A camera, reading material and an empty tote bag for carrying personal items are also good items to pack for a cruise, as are extra cash, a guidebook and a map. Additionally, medical insurance cards, cruise documents and a passport are valuable items to pack on a cruise.

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