How Do You Find Out the Water Levels in Texas Lakes?


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It is possible to find out about the water levels in Texas lakes by going to websites, such as Lake Levels, the United States Geological Survey and Water Data for Texas. At the Lakes Level site, there is water level information for all lakes situated in Texas.

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The Lake Levels site has measurements given for current lake water level, full pool level and the exact time the measurements were obtained each day. For example, full pool water level for Lake Austin is 492.80 feet and this site gives each day's water level and the difference between the full pool and the specific day's water level reading. The site also provides water level information for all other states in the U.S. when visitors use the state filter search function.

The U.S. Geological Survey and Water Data for Texas sites also provide this information on a daily basis. At the Water Data for Texas site, visitors can get this information by clicking on the specific lake names, such as Austin, Travis, Alan Henry, Buchanan and Coleman. This takes visitors to a page that displays a chart of water level readings that range from the current day to up to a year in varying time intervals, such as 3 and 6 months. The U.S. Geological Survey site also has water level information for 145 sites in Texas that include reservoirs and lakes.

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