How Do You Find Out the Water Level of Shasta Lake?

To find out the current water level of Lake Shasta in California, go to the Department of Water Resources' California Data Exchange Center, search for Lake Shasta and view the current conditions and historical graph. As of 2015, viewers can see the most recent water level, the historical average, the total capacity and past years on one graph.

To view the current water level of Lake Shasta:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the website for the California Data Exchange Center and search for Lake Shasta.

  3. Choose the current year in the graph
  4. Choose the current year to view a comparison of the current water levels to the historical average and total capacity. Add past years, if desired.

  5. View the conditions
  6. View the current conditions of Lake Shasta for the day, and the conditions for the current year.