How Do You Find Out About Small Towns Around a Big City?


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Start learning about small towns surrounding a big city by looking at a map to find out the names of the towns. Research the towns by looking up their official websites and local chamber of commerce or tourism websites. Some city travel guide books have information about the surrounding towns.

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Travelers have many options for researching new places and planning trips, and it is helpful to gather information from many sources to learn the most about a new place. Local residents in a city can often provide information about surrounding towns, although their opinions of the surrounding towns might be biased by their experiences living in the city, so do not take these local opinions as absolute fact.

Some regions and states have comprehensive tourism websites that list information about rural areas and small towns. Some cities have tourism information offices with brochures about tourist attracts within the city but also about areas and towns surrounding the city. Travelers can also just go visit the small towns without much information. Some travelers are pleasantly surprised when exploring new areas without knowing much about them in advance. Visit a gas station, shop, or restaurant in a small town and ask the staff about things to do.

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