How Do You Find Out Your Passport Application Fee?


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To determine your passport application fee, you must decide if you need a new passport or simply a renewal of a previously issued passport. Passport books and passport cards are available at different costs.

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To obtain a United States passport for travel, you must complete an application, submit a photo that conforms to the photo standards and pay appropriate fees. Determine whether you will need a passport book for all international travel or a passport card, which only allows for limited travel between Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Fees for passport books and passport cards vary. With your application, you must also submit documentation verifying your identity.

Visit Travel.State.Gov for a list of fees and documents that are acceptable to provide with your application. Make sure you have birth certificates and other documents available; obtaining new birth certificates or other ID documents requires you to contact other agencies and pay fees for printing and shipping of replacement documents. Plan ahead when applying for a passport. Processing and verification takes a number of weeks, although the issuing agency usually provides options for expedited shipping. In addition to passport fees, you may also have a pay a fee to have a conforming passport photo taken. Many retailers offer passport photo services.

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