How Do You Find Out If a Hotel Has Been Infested With Bedbugs?


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Look for information about possible hotel bedbug infestations in online travel reviews and on specialty websites such as BedbugRegistry.com, which collects bedbug reports from travelers across the United States and Canada. Check for signs of bedbug infestation in your specific hotel room by looking for blood spots and bugs on the mattress, luggage rack and other areas within 15 feet of the bed.

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To perform a detailed bedbug check in your hotel room, first stash any luggage in the bathroom where bedbugs are least likely to live. Then, remove the bed linens and look for blood stains or small dots that look like pepper on the mattress and box spring. Use a flashlight for best results. You should also look for actual bedbugs, which are the size of apple seeds and lurk near the seams of the mattress. If the mattress appears clear of bedbugs, check behind picture frames, under the alarm clock, on the luggage rack, inside books and other areas where a small bug could hide.

If you do find bedbugs, ask for a new room at least two floors away from the old room. Bedbugs easily travel from room to room through electrical sockets and along wall boards. Also, keep your dirty clothes in a sealed plastic bag to avoid attracting bedbugs.

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