What Other Cities Than New York Use Yellow Cabs?


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Yellow Cabs operate in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and other major North American cities. From 1920 to 1925, the Yellow Cab Company of Chicago manufactured its own cars. The manufacturing division of Yellow Cab was sold to General Motors in 1925.

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What Other Cities Than New York Use Yellow Cabs?
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There are at least two major taxi companies in the United States with cars that are referred to as “yellow cabs.” The Yellow Taxicab Company was incorporated in New York City in 1912. The Yellow Cab Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1914 by John D. Hertz. The Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company was established six years later with the sole purpose of making vehicles for the Yellow Cab Company of Chicago.

Legend has it that John D. Hertz chose yellow as the company name and car color based on the results of a survey that concluded yellow is the most noticeable color.

In 1905, an automobile dealership in Chicago was in financial trouble. After dealership owner, Walden W. Shaw, took on John D. Hertz as a partner, the company regained financial solvency. When the dealership found itself with too many traded-in vehicles, Hertz had the idea of turning them into taxis to serve passengers in Chicago.

Hertz sold his controlling interest in the Yellow Cab Company in 1925. Hertz went on to gain fame and fortune as the founder of the Hertz rental car company.

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