What Are Some Options for Truck Trailer Parking?


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Trailer trucks can legally park in designated pull-off areas on roadsides and at truck stops while en route. TruckStopGuide.com provides a nationwide database of gas stations that provide truck services and parking. Other businesses, including Terminal Exchange Services, offer networks of secure long-term trailer parking solutions.

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Truck drivers are required by law to stop at least once every eight hours and stop for the night after 11 hours of driving as of 2015. It may be difficult to find well-lit, secure parking spots when they need them, and many truck stops fill to capacity hours before nightfall.

TruckStopGuide.com lets drivers search for stops with amenities such as showers, restaurants and overnight parking. Drivers can click on the name of any listed truck stop to see a full list of its services and how many parking spots are available at that location.

Terminal Exchange Service's website displays a map of secure drop yards located throughout the nation for truckers who are ready to drop their trailers. These 24-hour guarded facilities provide parking, repair and maintenance on a monthly basis.

Truck driving is one of the most popular jobs in America with over 1.4 million workers employed as truck drivers as of 2015. The growing trend of online shopping accounts for the rise in demand for this type of job.

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