What Are Some Options for Airport Pick-up Services?

GroundLink, Super Shuttle, GO Airport Shuttle, Supreme Airport Shuttle and Tweed New Haven shuttles provide airport pick-up services in select locations within the United States. Some offer transportation to short-range locations, such as airport parking lots, while others offer transportation to destinations outside of the airports.

GroundLink provides transportation from airports in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and several other major cities. Individuals can book rides online, via the GroundLink mobile app or by phone. Customers can opt between meeting a shuttle driver on the curb or within the baggage pick-up area. Super Shuttle also operates out of several major airports, including those of Baltimore, Denver, Fort Collins, Oakland and San Jose. Some customers can book online to use frequent flier airline points and miles for a trip.

GO Airport Shuttle's Connecticut branch operates around Bradley International Airport and takes customers to locations throughout Connecticut. Customers have to put in reservations for pick-up. Supreme Airport Shuttle takes customers around the Washington, D.C., area from Ronald Reagan National and Washington Dulles International airports. Tweed New Haven shuttles gives rides to travelers to and from the Tweed Airport and airport parking lots. The shuttles pass by the main terminal building and travel to the short-term, long-term and metered lots.