What Free Online Courses Are Available in Canada?


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Free online courses, regardless of where the institution that offers them is located, are available to people everywhere in the world, including Canada. There are many websites where students can take online courses; Coursera is one of the best-known. As of 2015, it offers over 400 courses from 85 Universities in 16 countries. For example, University of Toronto offers 18 courses via Coursera. The website has courses in 12 different languages. As of 2015, there were 17,000,000 students enrolled.

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EdX is another website like Coursera. It offers courses in law, history, science, engineering, business and social sciences. There are also courses in computer science, public health and artificial intelligence.

As of 2015, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has more than 2,000 courses available. Almost all of the materials for most of the classes offered at this University are available online for free. Stanford also offers courses like this. Unlike Coursera and EdX, with these courses students can work at their own pace, as there is no structured timetable.

There are websites that offer courses only in a specific field of study, for example, Duolingo teaches languages, and CodeAcademy has courses in programming and coding.

Students don't receive college credits for taking online courses, but usually, they receive a certificate for each course after completing all the work.

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