How Does One Find Someone in South Africa?

To find someone in South Africa, search on Facebook and other social media sites, or contact a radio station and place an ad for the person. As of 2012, over 12 percent of South Africans were using Facebook, and nearly 50 percent of the population was using the Internet. Additionally, thirty million South Africans listen to the radio every day, which is nearly two-thirds of the population, as of 2014.

As of September 2014, there are groups like Missing Persons – South Africa – Together Searching for the Loved and the Lost on Facebook. These groups are dedicated to finding lost loved ones in South Africa. Posting an alert and a description of the missing person on a site like this can be helpful when searching for someone.

In South Africa, the largest radio station is the South African Broadcasting Corporation. However, it may be hard to get an ad on an SABC station. If the person searching knows where the other person was last seen, they should contact a community radio station and see if it is willing to broadcast a call to locate the missing person.

It is also possible to hire a private investigator. A private investigator takes clues about the missing person and uses them in an attempt to find them.