What Are Some Older Nicknames for the 50 States?


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Some older nicknames for some of the 50 states are the Badger State for Wisconsin, Flickertail State for North Dakota and Plantation State for Rhode Island. Some other nicknames for states are the Palmetto State, Crossroads of America and the Diamond State.

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These state nicknames are associated with specific facts or history concerning the particular state. For example, Wisconsin is known as the Badger State because in the 1800s miners who worked at the Galena lead mines did not live in houses but in caves near the mines. These caves were associated with badger dens. Similarly, North Dakota is called the Flickertail State by some people because it is a reference to the movement of the ground squirrels' tails that live in this state. However, the official state nickname for North Dakota is the Peace Garden State.

South Carolina is referred to as the Palmetto State because of the state tree, which is the Sabal palmetto. The nickname Diamond State is associated with Delaware. Thomas Jefferson is believed to be the originator of this nickname when he compared the state to a diamond. However, its official state nickname is the First State in reference to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Delaware was the first state that ratified the Constitution. This state is also referred to as the Blue Hen State. Indiana is referred to as the Hoosier state and the Crossroads of America. Each of the 50 states can have various nicknames associated with them.

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