What Are Oklahoma’s Major Products and Industries?

Oklahoma’s products and industries include agriculture, manufacturing, energy and services. The state has a long history with agriculture dating to before statehood, when cattle drives frequently crossed the area, taking beef cattle from Texas to Kansas for processing.

Seventy-five percent of Oklahoma is farmland that produces many kinds of crops, including wheat. In 2014, wheat, which grows primarily in the plains, was the major crop of the state, and Oklahoma rated fifth in the nation in production. Other crops include cotton, peanuts, soybeans and pecans.

Oklahoma has many natural resources, including petroleum and natural gas. It is the nation’s third largest producer of natural gas and has thousands of oil wells. One of the operational oil wells is on the front lawn of the state capitol building. Other natural resources include coal and limestone.

Manufacturing is an important industry in Oklahoma. The factories in the state produce parts for automobiles and the aerospace industry. Other plants produce electronic components. The state is home to companies that produce specialized equipment for work in oil fields, on farms and in construction and transportation.

The economy of Oklahoma also depends on those who provide services for others. Individuals who work in the military, healthcare, tourism and education do not produce products, but provide necessary services to help others in enjoying and improving their lives. In the state’s largest cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the service industry is the largest source of income.