What Are Some of the Official Birds for the 50 States?


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Some of the 50 states' official birds are New York's Eastern Bluebird, Florida's Mockingbird, California's California Valley Quail and Michigan's Robin. Then, there is also Kentucky's Cardinal and Maryland's Baltimore Oriole.

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The Eastern Bluebird, New York's state bird, is found in all parts of the country. The Bluebird sings a soft, agreeable warble, often repeated during its love-season. They mostly eat coleoptera, caterpillars, spiders, and insects of various kinds. In the winter, they are very abundant in the Southern states, as during migration season they begin to head southward with their families in search of food and a move favorable climate.

Florida's official state bird, the Mockingbird, performs its flight by short jerks of the body and wings. This motion is even more noticeable when the bird is walking. The common call of the Mockingbird is a mournful note, and when they travel, their flight is usually in intermittent distances, usually going from tree to tree or across a field at most. The Robin, Michigan's state bird, frequently nests on the horizontal branch of an apple tree. In the spring, it feeds upon ground-worms, grubs and other insects, descending in a pouncing manner upon its prey before returning to its station.

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