What Ocean Borders Australia's Western Coastline?

The Indian Ocean borders Australia's western coastline. Australia, which is the largest country in Oceania, forms a continuous coastline that stretches for approximately 16,000 miles.

Australia is traditionally regarded as Earth's smallest continent. It is also an island nation that is the world's sixth largest in terms of area. Australia's maritime domain includes 12 nautical miles of territorial sea, 24 nautical miles of contiguous zone, 200 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone and 200 nautical miles of continental shelf.

Australia holds several distinctions in relation to its geographical position. It is the largest independent state that completely lies within the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is also the largest nation entirely surrounded by bodies of water, with the Indian Ocean to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

The Indian Ocean comprises around 1/5 of the planet's waters and it is the third-largest oceanographic division, next to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Along with western Australia, the Malay Peninsula and Sundra Islands form the eastern boundaries of the Indian Ocean. The majority of the this ocean's continental shelves measure around 125 miles in width with the exception of the one located off of western Australia's coasts, which measures approximately 600 miles. Timor Sea, a major arm of the Indian Ocean, borders the northern part of Australia.