How Do You Obtain Monroe County Parcel Maps?


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The method for obtaining a Monroe County parcel map depends on the state in which the county is located and the department within the county that maintains the maps. Possible sources for a parcel map include the county assessor's office or the county's Geographic Information System, or GIS, administrator.

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Monroe County, Illinois, makes GIS part of its mapping and platting office. In Monroe County, Pennsylvania, an individual can obtain a parcel map from a public GIS search feature on the county website or by searching property parcels from the assessment office's website. Monroe County, New York, lists parcel maps under the thematic maps section of its GIS Web page.

A parcel map, or plat map, shows the boundaries of each lot in the county, and its uses include facilitating the identification of owners and subdividing property into smaller parcels. The map may identify parcels by section or by block and lot. A county office authorized to approve the map reviews it and certifies its validity.

County offices often use GIS systems for mapping. GIS maps allow entities to add informational layers to a basic map of standard geographic features. In addition to parcels, layers might include transportation systems, voting districts and zoning classifications.

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