How Do You Obtain a List of Banned Carry-on Items?


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Travelers can obtain a list of items that are banned in carry-on baggage on planes on the website of the Transport Security Administration. TSA lists items in a table with tabs that travelers can click on in categories such as explosives, firearms, food, sporting goods and others. TSA cautions that travelers attempting to circumvent security and board planes with prohibited items may face arrest and civil penalties.

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TSA prohibits all items that are potentially explosive or flammable from aircraft cabins and check-in luggage, with the exception of electronic cigarettes, lighters without fuel, safety matches and toiletry aerosols of 3.4 ounces or less. Although TSA does not permit firearms in carry-on baggage, travelers can carry most firearms and ammunition in specially designed boxes in check-in luggage. Passengers cannot carry on any self defense equipment, but they can transport it in their check-in bags. The only sharp items that travelers can carry on planes are disposable razors, and they must properly sheathe all other sharp objects and keep them in check-in luggage.

Passengers must check in sports equipment such as bats and sticks, but they can carry on roller blades and ice skates. TSA bans all sharp tools and any straight tools over seven inches in length from carry-on bags. Travelers can only carry on liquid food such as alcohol, gravies, soups and salad dressings in quantities of 3.4 ounces or under. If there is any question about particular items, the TSA officers on the scene have the authority to make final decisions.

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