What Are Some Notable Memorial Park Benches?


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The Andrew Haswell Green bench, the Kurt Cobain memorial bench in Viretta Park, and the memorial and dedication benches on Central Park are some notable memorial park benches. These benches not only serve as memorials but have also become tourist attractions throughout the years.

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Built in 1928, the stone bench of Andrew Haswell Green serves as a memorial to the Father of Greater New York as well as a reminder of his contributions as chief executive to the construction of Central Park during its formative period. Green earned his nickname after he helped consolidate New York City into five boroughs. Five maple trees surround the bench as a representation of the five boroughs. Originally located on the site of the Mount, the Andrew Haswell Green bench is located on the East Side at 104th Street.

In 1986, the Central Park administration started the Adopt-A-Bench program, allowing residents to dedicate a bench inside the park to memorialize or celebrate the death or life of a loved one. Each adopted bench is engraved with a personal message and is maintained for life by the park's administration. As of 2015, people have adopted more than 4,000 benches in different parts of the park.

An famous, but unofficial, Kurt Cobain memorial bench is located at Viretta Park, an 8-acre park in Seattle, Washington, and serves as a de facto memorial to the famous frontman of the rock band Nirvana, who died in 1994. The wooden bench sits in the middle of the park, which is located near the former vocalist's house. Nirvana fans from around the world visit the bench to inscribed messages and graffiti and to leave flowers on the site.

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