Where Is New Zealand Located Relative to Australia on a Map?

new-zealand-located-relative-australia-map Credit: Planet Observer/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

On a map, New Zealand is located southeast of Australia across the Tasman Sea. Australia is a much larger country at nearly 3 million square miles.

As of July, 2015, Australia had an estimated population of 22,751,014. The geographic coordinates of Australia are 27 degrees south and 133 degrees east.

New Zealand is 103,500 square miles in area and has a population of 4,438,393, as of July, 2015. Its geographic coordinates are 41 degrees south and 174 degrees east. It is split into two main islands, South Island and North Island, which are separated by the Cook Strait. Stewart Island, the Great Barrier Island, d'Urville Island, Waiheke Island and the Chatham Islands are also part of New Zealand.