What Is New Zealand Famous For?


According to NewZealand.com, this nation is famous for its picturesque landscapes, which include volcanic plateaus, rolling hills and sandy beaches. It consists of two main islands — the North Island and South Island — along with several smaller, offshore islands. Culturally, New Zealand is known for its rugby teams, cycling and passion for travel. The people of New Zealand are known as "Kiwis."

Tourism.net describes New Zealand as one of the most photogenic places in the world. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, to the east of Australia, and due to its remote location, was one of the most recent nations to be settled. The varying landscape of mountains, beaches and green hills attract a lot of backpackers and travelers from abroad. According to Tourism.net, Kiwis themselves are also know for their passion for travel, and they often visit England during their time off from work. Politically, New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with its own parliamentary system, though the Queen of England is the official head of the state.

New Zealand's climate varies across the islands. Most of the nation experiences a temperate climate, but the far north has a subtropical climate and the West Coast experiences heavy rainfall. The country is also famous for its unique species of plants and animals, which include many colorful birds.