How Do You Find the Nearest LabCorp Locations?

As of 2015, LabCorp customers can find the nearest company location by using the Find a Lab tool found on the company’s website. The LabCorp Find a Lab tool uses the customer’s address, city, state and ZIP code to find a location within a set distance variable. Customers can also select the testing service that they are looking for at a LabCorp location, such as routine clinical lab collections, Employee Wellness, hair collection and pediatric collections.

LabCorp is a company that provides medical laboratory services and tests through its network of clinical and specialty laboratories, with 36 being primary laboratory locations. The company’s laboratory network includes the ViroMed facility, the Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology, the Center for Esoteric Testing and the National Genetics Institute, Inc.

LabCorp’s service area includes all of the United States, Puerto Rico and three provinces in Canada. LabCorp’s test offerings include genomic testing, HIV genotyping, oncology testing and real-time PCR molecular microbial testing.

As of 2015, LabCorp serves over 220,000 clients, which include hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, managed care organizations and physician offices. The company states that it employs over 48,000 employees at its various global locations and operates out of its headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina.