How Do You Find the Nearest Ganz Warehouse?

As of 2016, Ganz only has one warehouse location: on Hanlan Road in Woodbridge, Ontario. The Ganz warehouse holds an annual cash-only pre-Christmas warehouse sale that offers discounts on the company's products, including Webkinz plush toys, Christmas ornaments, home decor, candles and jewelry.

In addition to the annual warehouse sale, Ganz also holds a variety of shows and events at its showrooms in Woodbridge, Ontario; Atlanta, Georgia; and Las Vegas, Nevada. It also holds other events at venues across North America, such as the Toronto Gift Fair at the Toronto International Centre, the Midwest-CBK/Ganz show at the Dallas Market Center, and the Las Vegas Market at the World Market Center.

With the exception of the warehouse sale, Ganz is a wholesale distributor, and its goods are available only through a network of North American retailers. To find a nearby retailer or meet with a sales representative, use the appropriate request forms, which are found in the Contact Us section of the official Ganz website.

Ganz makes multiple lines of products, including Grumpy Cat, Style 101, Time and Again, and a line for infants called Baby Ganz. Other product lines by Ganz include Kissing Krystals, LaCucina, Stephanie Burgess and Jewel La La.