What Are Some Natural Resources in the State of Wisconsin?


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Wisconsin is naturally abundant in water, fertile soils, minerals and vast contiguous communities of trees, which provide for the state's paper and timber industries. Wisconsin's natural resources also drive the state's tourism and beer brewing economic sectors.

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Wisconsin encompasses approximately 1,690 sq. miles of inland water, including the waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior that sit on the state's borders. These fresh waters irrigate the farming lands around Wisconsin, which contain productive soils conducive for the growth of agricultural crops, such as corn and forage.

Wisconsin's heavily forested areas abound with hardwood tress, including aspen, elm, maple, oak, ash, basswood and yellow birch. Softwood lumber includes hemlock, balsam fir, tamarack, white cedar, spruce and pine. Wisconsin's beautiful natural scenery also plays a key role in attracting tourists to the state, which helps generate income for its tourism industry.

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