What Are the Natural Resources of Israel?

Israel's natural resources include crude oil, wood, copper, natural gas and minerals. Although Israel has these natural resources, they are mostly in small amounts that are not worth mining or otherwise attempting to extract, according to USA Today. Israel's highly exported natural resources include Dead Sea soil that is used in creating beauty products as well as minerals from the Dead Sea that are used in sedatives, medication and fertilizers.

Sand that is exported from Israel is commonly used to make glass. The crude oil reserves in Israel that are mined only produced an average of 10 barrels per day in 2009, a number far below the average 368,000 barrels per day produced in Syria during the same period. Natural gas is a more profitable natural resource for Israel. The country produces almost half of its own annual consumption of natural gas per year. The Dead Sea is also an important source of potash and magnesium bromide.

Although wood is listed as a natural resource of Israel, it exists in such a limited amount in the desert environment that its effective use is negligible. Copper ore reserves are also limited. Rather than relying on its natural resources to produce income for the country, Israel instead leans heavily on its agriculture and advanced technology industries.