Where Are Natural Resources Found in Sweden?

Natural resources are found in the northern, southern, central and coastal regions throughout Sweden. Sweden has a diverse topography and geological composition, which makes it rife with a diverse selection of natural resources.

The coastlines of Sweden, located along its western, northern and southern national borders, serve as breeding habitats for a large variety of fish and shellfish, and as such, fishing is one of the nation’s primary economic drivers. Furthermore, the fish derived from Sweden’s seas provide citizens with an abundant source of food. Offshore, Sweden has deep oil reserves, which produce fuel for citizens, and excess oil is often sold on international markets for a profit. Sweden's interior is dominated by dense forests, which serve important economic functions and provide native species of flora and fauna with critical habitat. The large and numerous rivers that run through Sweden, primarily in the north, power the nation's hydro-electric plants, which Sweden nation with electricity. Some of Sweden's most important natural resources come from far below its surface lands. This nation has many deep, vast mines, located primarily in the central and northern areas, which contain iron ore and sulphide ore. Smaller mines with uranium and other minerals are also found here.