What Are Some Facts About the National Parks in the United States?


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U.S. national parks, run by the National Parks Service, protect the landscape and provide outdoor recreation in selected areas across the United States. President Ulysses S. Grant made Yosemite, already a protected area, the first national park in 1872. Other popular national parks include Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.

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What Are Some Facts About the National Parks in the United States?
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The National Parks Service's website provides a park finder for visitors. The National Parks Service also runs many national historic sites and monuments, including the Appomattox Court House and Flight 93 memorial. The National Parks Service operates 401 national parks as of 2015, covering more than 84 million acres in all 50 states and multiple other districts.

Many national parks charge entrance fees, some as high as $25. Travel advisers recommend that visitors visiting multiple parks purchase an annual pass, which allows entrance into any national park. At most parks this pass admits all other persons riding in the same private vehicle. At parks that charge a per-person fee, the annual pass admits the pass holder plus three others.

President Woodrow Wilson created the National Parks Service in 1916 to administer and protect national parks. President Theodore Roosevelt also significantly increased the protection of national parks before Wilson, creating five large new parks and many other national monuments, game refuges, bird sanctuaries and national forests.

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