Who Are the National Heroes of Singapore?

Lim Bo Seng and Elizabeth Choy are two Singapore natives considered national heroes. Seng was an integral member of the anti-Japanese occupation movement during World War II. Choy shuttled medical supplies and money to British civilians being held at the country's Changi Jail during the occupation.

Lim Bo Seng was the key player in the development of an intelligence network that aided in rebellious activities during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. He was eventually captured by the Japanese and tortured. He passed away in prison in 1944. After his death, the Chinese National Government awarded him the rank of Major-General, and in 1954, a bronze memorial was erected in his honor. His remains were buried in 1946 with full military honors by the British military.

Elizabeth Choy was also captured by the Japanese due to her rebellious activities. However before her capture, her efforts to get radio parts to some of the British prisoners led to the sinking of seven Japanese ships in 1943 in a joint military effort by British and Australian forces. She was subjected to torture, but eventually released 193 days after her capture. After the war, she was awarded the Bronze Cross by the British for her efforts. She passed away in 2006 at the age of 95.