How Often Does the National Average for Gasoline Prices Fluctuate?


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The posted national average for gasoline fluctuates daily. In reality, the absolute price changes constantly throughout the day due to the stock activity of oil companies, but traders and gas stations do not change their prices to reflect these minute alterations.

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One of the most accurate sources for information on national gas price averages is the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Unfortunately, this source only posts prices once a week, but the prices it publishes are considered the official averages. Besides time, the EIA also breaks up average gas prices by location and proximity to a highway.

The EIA also provides a breakdown of costs within the price of gasoline. It gives detailed percentages on how much of the customer's money goes to crude oil, refining, taxes and distribution. This information can help people understand how the national gas price average changes from day to day.

The Daily Fuel Gauge Report is a service provided by AAA that provides more detailed information than the EIA. In addition to providing national averages on a daily schedule, the Daily Fuel Gauge Report also breaks up the country into regions. These are displayed in map format to chart how average gas prices change in different regions throughout the country.

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