What Are the Names of All Seven Continents?


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The seven continents of the world are Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australia and Antarctica. With the exception of Asia and Europe, which are part of the same landmass, all of the continents are surrounded on all sides by water.

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What Are the Names of All Seven Continents?
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Earth consists of two main hemispheres along an imaginary line of longitude at 180 degrees east and west. To the right of this line are the continents of the Eastern Hemisphere. The Eastern Hemisphere includes Europe, Asia, Australia, most of Africa and about half of Antarctica. The Eastern Hemisphere includes North and South America and the other half of Antarctica.

Asia is the largest continent on Earth in terms of both land area and human population. Asia consists of nearly 16 billion square miles of land area, and the continent is home to over 4 billion people. By contrast, Australia is Earth's third-largest continent, with 5.3 billion square miles of land area, but the frozen continent is only home to about 4,500 people. Nearly all of Antarctica's population are either scientists or their support staff.

The Earth has not always had the same number of continents it does today. Almost 300 million years ago, all of Earth's continents collided to form a single giant continent called Pangaea. Eventually, plate tectonics caused the break-up of Pangaea and brought the continents to their current locations.

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