What Are the Names of the Rivers in Italy?

There are over 260 rivers in Italy. The top 10 rivers in Italy, according to Life In Italy, are the Po, Adige, Piave, Savio, Tiber, Alcantara, Arno, Coghinas, Belice and the Cenischa.

There are plenty of rivers across Italy with natural, scenic beauty and calm surroundings. The rivers are famous for their history, scenery and the towns located along the rivers' banks. Water sports, such as kayaking, river rafting and paddle boating, are also popular activities around Italy's rivers. The Po river stands out among Italy's rivers because it is one of the largest rivers in Italy. It measures 405 miles in length and 1,650 feet in width. The Adige is the second largest river in Italy. Its source is located in an Alpine area close to the Italian border with Austria and Switzerland. It is notable for the artificial Alpine Lake Reschen, which the river flows through. The Piave is a major source for agricultural farms and hydroelectric power. It is notable for its history, which includes hard battles fought on its banks during WWI. The Tiber is notable for its status as one of the important waterways of the city of Rome. In ancient times, it was considered vital for commerce and trade.