What Are Names of Rivers in Africa?

names-rivers-africa Credit: Buena Vista Images/Stone/Getty Images

Names of rivers that are in Africa include the Congo river, the Nile river, the Zambezi river, the Niger river and the Orange river. These five rivers are among many rivers on the continent, but are the largest ones.

The major rivers that are present in Africa stretch throughout the continent over many countries. These countries work together to establish standards for the way that the river is handled and taken care of. It is important for these countries to work together because the river crosses all of them and plays major roles in all of the economies that it crosses through.

The Nile river is the longest river on the continent of Africa. It stretches over many countries and these countries rely on it for much of their survival. Many fishermen make their livelihood on the river and they are able to provide necessary nutrition through the fish that they catch. The rivers are also important for transport of goods in and out of the countries of Africa. Many things that cannot be sent by airplane are sent over the river, which is somewhat more economical in villages that do not have places for airplanes to land and take off.