What Are the Names of Some Mountain Ranges in South America?

The Andes, Serra do Mar, Serra de Mantiquiera, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Tumuk Humak Mountains are some mountain ranges located in South America. There are 12 countries in South America, and the continent is very mountainous with a number of ranges extending from the northern region down to the south.

The Andes is the longest mountain range in South America. It extends from the north in Panama, down the eastern coast of the continent and ends at the southern tip. Located in Argentina, it is approximately 4,500 miles long and the highest point is Aconcagua at 22,384 feet tall.

The Serra de Mantiquiera is a mountain range found in the Brazilian highlands, located in the southern part of the country. It is about 200 miles long with the highest point reaching 9,180 feet.

While the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range is located on the coast of Brazil, it is separate from the Andes. It covers an approximate area of 6,600 miles. This chain has the distinction of being the world's highest coastal range, reaching an altitude of 18,700 feet.

Running in an east-west direction, the Tumuk Humak Mountains are a border between Brazil and French Guiana. The range is only about 75 miles long and is quite remote and fairly inaccessible to hikers.