What Are Some Names of Major Cities in Canada?

Some names of major cities in Canada include Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Vancouver lies in western Canada on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the province of British Columbia. Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal all sit in the province of Ontario, which lies north of the Great Lakes.

The capital of Canada as of 1866, Ottawa features museums and historical sites such as the Billings Estate National Historic Site, Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, Pinhey’s Point Historic Site and Fairfields Heritage House. The city is also home to Centrepointe Theatre, Arts Court Theatre and St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts.

Toronto, one of the oldest cities in Canada, originated in 1793 and was known as the Town of York. The city is also the largest city by population in Canada and the fourth largest in North America. The city includes a Major League Baseball franchise, a National Hockey League franchise and a National Basketball Association franchise.

Montreal, another large city in Ontario, features a mix of old and new throughout its architecture. The city features numerous cobblestone streets and buildings such as the Notre-Dame Basilica. The cities also features the Quartier international, a combination of new skyscrapers and heritage buildings.

Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver, features a moderate climate in spite of its geographical location. Founded in 1791, the city features world-class parks and recreation such as Prince of Wales Park, Quilchena Park and Queen Elizabeth Park.