What Is the Mystery of Oak Island?


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The mystery of Oak Island involves the treasure supposedly buried at the bottom of the Money Pit. Treasure hunters also wonder who buried it there, and how they built the various traps that protect it.

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Treasure hunters for years have been travelling to Oak Island, near Nova Scotia in Canada, in hopes of finally uncovering the treasure that's supposedly buried at the bottom of the Money Pit. The Pit, however, is protected by a series of water traps that flood the shaft with sea water and have prevented hunters from reaching the bottom since the Pit's discovery.

Various artifacts have been discovered in the pit, including pieces of metal, nails, and stones bearing inscriptions. Along with these stones, boulders have been discovered on the island bearing inscriptions of letters and numbers. These boulders are believed by some treasure hunters to be related to the Money Pit. Others believe that the carvings were made by diggers after the Pit's discovery. The man who discovered the Pit, Daniel McGinnis, also found a stone buried in the pit bearing an inscription translated to mean "Forty feet below two million pounds are buried."

McGinnis discovered the Money Pit when he was 16 on a fishing trip to the uninhabited island in 1795. He returned to the island in hopes of finding a treasure in the Pit first with two friends, then, years later, with laborers and financial backing from a local businessman, but the water traps prevented him from digging deep enough to find the treasure.

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