What Are Some Must-Do Activities When Visiting the Aquarium in Downtown Dallas?

When visiting the Dallas World Aquarium, some of the must-do activities include visiting the main aquarium gallery as well as the Mundo Maya, Orinoco, South Africa and Borneo exhibits. Feeding sessions at the various exhibits are open to the public and educational talks are featured. Within blocks of the aquarium, visitors may also take a Segway tour, visit the West End Historic District and check out the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

The main aquarium gallery has a 20,000-gallon tank with a walk-through tunnel that lets guests see the fish from all angles, even from below. Some of the sea life on display include pot-bellied seahorses, zebra angelfish and various species of coral and anemones. The Mundo Maya exhibit focuses on animals and plants found in the Yucatan Peninsula. Another walk through tank represents a cenote, an underground spring, but this one is filled with sharks and sea turtles.

The Orinoco exhibit represents wildlife from the South American rain forest while the South Africa display has a number of frogs, tortoises, lizards and birds. The Borneo features animals found throughout Australasia, including blue penguins, and even tree kangaroos.

Just outside the museum door is Dallas Segway Tours where visitors hop on upright two-wheeled scooters and tour parts of the city. Nearby is the West End Historic District, filled with vintage architecture, small shops and cafes. By traveling a few more blocks, visitors can find the Perot Museum of Nature and Science featuring exhibits on everything from mammoths to bioluminescent creatures.